To overseas customers who wish to have a Japanese-style garden constructed

Have you ever wanted to create a Japanese-style garden, but worried about how to look after it? This company is here to answer the needs of overseas customers who harbor these kinds of worries by sending a technical expert from Japan to perform the construction. Our technical expert will be accompanied by a translator, so please rest assured that there will be no difficulties in communication.

Basic information
Company Company
Address 11-2 Hanazonocho, Hakodate, Hokkaido, 041-0843
Phone number 011-81-138-51-8437
Established: March 31st, 1976
Capital stock ¥25,000,000
Construction license Hokkaido prefectural governor (special-24) #00895
Services offered
  • Exterior planning and construction
  • Landscape gardening construction
  • Public space construction
  • Garden maintenance and management

・We have all correspondence translated before replying, which can take a little time. We ask for your understanding on this matter.

・A site inspection must be carried out beforehand. The expenses for this will be the responsibility of the customer. (To be paid in advance.)

・Following this, an estimate will then be presented to the customer. (To be paid in advance.)

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Inquiry form for overseas customers
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